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Úspěšná návštěva dodavatele v Itálii

19. 01. 2023

We are always very happy when you come to visit us in Caravaggio.

So, here is the story: on January 12th and 13th Vladislav Polášek, the CEO of Kaňák and Andrej Hanzlik, director of operations came to test our Rubbot 2100.

Not only did Kaňák use its own files (this is the easy part), but they also brought their own materials which they deploy for the production of the dies. Our team, led by Mauro Tomelleri, Sales & Marketing Director and the engineers who created Rubbot 2100, assisted throughout the whole testing.

The outcome was more than successful: “I admit, we had some expectations about the testing”, stated Vladislav Polášek, “but we were truly overwhelmed by the result! The testing at Caravaggio helped us to understand immediately the potential of the machine applied to our specific needs.”

As an overall result the die was completed in a much shorter time and the precision was such, that the die was ready to be sent to our customer without any further adjustment.

Úspěšná návštěva dodavatele v Itálii